Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Continuing Theme

No matter how nefarious the reason for the visit there’s no need to not take a photograph. Although I visited three Denny’s it appears that I only shot photographs at two.

I think I will continue this theme for a while but I'm going to branch out some: Yale Street Pharamacy, Aunt Bea's, 59 Dinner, Starbucks and Taft Street Coffee, then there's that place on West 19th. Yeah, if I didn't OD on caffine this morning I think I can handle that and not get past just a little hyper.

I'm considering using this theme for my Portfolio Challenge in October. Therefore I am posting them to my other blog as black and whites because I am trying to decide which I like best. I really like the color but I think it comes closer to the Table for One theme in black and white. Then again I have a couple of other ideas for the Challenge--we'll see.

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