Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Twofer

Tomorrow is going to be fun. Both the Northwest Houston Photograph Club and the Houston Photowalk Meetup Group have scheduled the annual Art Car Parade for a photoshoot and I am signed up for both. NWHPC will be meeting for breakfast at Denny’s at 8am then to the Parade by 9am or so—the parade doesn’t start until 1pm but you get to inspect the cars starting at 9am. The October competition will be on this Parade.

HWP is making it a scavenger hunt which will be the fun part. Joe Lippeatt is one dickens of a meet up organizer. His photowalks are always outstanding and tomorrow should be no different. Joe has posted a list of some sixty plus items for the scavenger hunt, each assigned a point value—sample armadillo, blow up doll, cupcake, dinosaur, ethnic, fake cloud, fur, giant mouth, hearse, insect, just plain odd, misspelling, neon, person getting picture taken, rainbow, school bus, six pack, skull, spiky hair, suicide doors, tattoo, toe ring, tuxedo, VW Bus, zebra stripes—the winner when the points are totaled get a $50 certificate for iTunes downloads.

I’m carrying one lens the 18-200mm DX and do my darndest to get as many of the sixty as possible. I’m looking forward to seeing how well I can do. I will come home bushed beyond belief.

Here’s a link to the full list:

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