Thursday, May 19, 2011

Red Letter Day

I went to Denny's for dinner (if you call a banana split dinner) and with the coffee on the same ticket I was ACTUALLY CHARGED THE CORRECT PRICE. I was so thrilled.

Although with all the grief I have given them over the past few months they are probably a little more careful with me. All I need now is an AARP member to give it a try when I'm not around to see if I am getting special treatment. But all I did was to hand them the ticket and the AARP card--no hinting at the correct amount, no coaching. Although I did want to tell him how to do it without all the punching of buttons that it required.

It is so simple, if they would only deduct $.60 for the coffee and then apply the 20% discount to the ticket and the price comes out the very same. As it is he had to deduct the coffee from the ticket, make a new coffee ticket, do the $.85 discount on it, then do the 20% discount on the remainder of the ticket, then add the two together and viola---correct price.


  1. I think also. I have given this poor Denny's considerable grief because it is close to where I live. They cringe when they see me drive up. Let me try it at another one before we jump to good conclusions. LOL

  2. I say we all hit them on Sunday just to see what happens. :oP