Monday, May 23, 2011

The Art Car Parade

The photoshoot at the Art Car Parade went well. I had 78 matches and a total score of 705 in the scavanger hunt, well behind the leaders but fun anyway. I shot about one third/one third/onethird—one third cars, one third for the scavenger hunt and one third people. Needless to say it is the photographs of the people that I enjoyed the most. The NWHPC group met at Denny's at 8am for breakfast and went from there to the parade area.

This was the most interesting. This young man was standing on top of a pickup cab juggling. I think I shot three photographs but this is by far my favorite. I have no idea how I caught the single ball perfectly balanced between the lenses of his goggles.

I do not see how anyone that ever watched the reruns of Are You Being Served could but love Mrs. Betty Slocombe the head of the Ladies Department. Mrs. Slocombe was very, very sure of herself and when she was she was “unanimous in that.” Molly Sudgeon was as funny in real life as she was in front of the camera. I am very pleased to have taken a photograph that is so Mrs. Slocombe. The scavenger was something that was MAJOR PINK, I think this pretty well fills the bill.

Of course the Art Department at Rice University took their theme from Marcel Duchamp’s 1917 piece The Fountain, you wouldn’t expect less. Although they did have to post an explanation drawing a correlation between Duchamp’s urinal as it relates to the world of art that followed to the concept of the art car, you wouldn’t expect less.

We arrived there a little before nine and photographed up until the commencement of the parade at one. Probably should have watched all of the parade but by then, on the two hours sleep I got last night I was just a little tired. Then I stayed up until after 1am working on post processing. That’s what happens when I have a good day of shooting.

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  1. Oh, so you took pics of an art car parade. The cars can be fun to look at, but the drivers and owners are equally enjoyable to witness. It's fun to get into customizing a car and enjoy the experience and theme of the designs.