Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fraiser's Ornamental Concrete

Saturday, the Houston Photowalk Meetup Group photographed at Frazier’s Ornamental Concrete in Hempstead. I shot there last year with the camera club and wasn’t real enthusiastic about going back. However, early on I made my way to the back of the lot and found a large number of garden ornaments scattered about. Some were on pallets, some broken, and reminded me of scattered artifacts from antiquity. This is a theme that I started earlier this year at Olivewood Cemetery.

The Antiquities theme is, as most of my projects are, an offshoot of my randomness theme which keeps getting reinvented. I enjoy finding object to photograph that seem to be in an environment unencumbered by human thought or plan.

I tried to approach the ornaments as artifacts from an archeological dig. Some were still scattered in the grass, some partially covered, some tagged and on pallets to be shipped off to a museum—in other words objects from antiquity. I don’t know how many shots I did around this them, twenty to thirty probably.

 Then later I changed to the Lensbaby and tried for fantasy and to give the concrete movement. Both themes were interesting and I came away with a large number of photographs that I enjoyed—much more than I had done the first time I shot there. That is unusual because it is usually difficult to go back to a location and have it turn out better the second time. In all it was an interesting day of photography so I am very glad I overcame my reluctance to go.

Inner Peace

With Voice That Bleaker Pealed Than Freezing Wind on Houseless Field

Lunch at Hill Country B-B-Q after the shoot at Frazier's

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