Monday, April 25, 2011

The Capitol Theater in West Columbia

 Easter Sunday, Debi Beauregard and I took a drive down to West Columbia. The coastal plain is not nearly as photogenic as going toward the hill country but it was an interesting drive. We made a loop through Needville, West Columbia, East Columbia, Bailey’s Prairie, Brazoria, Sweeney, and back. Outside of a few things in West Columbia and East Columbia it was mostly a sightseeing tour. We did have a pretty good barbeque sandwich at Bob’s Barbeque in West Columbia and visited the Varner-Hogg Plantation.

I guess that the Saturday matinee at the Place Theater in Burkburnett must have been one of my boyhood highlights because I love finding old theaters in the small towns that I visit. West Columbia has the Capitol and it is remarkably still intact. I could have spent another hour or two just photographing the textures on the walls.

The last time I was in West Columbia as about forty years ago. At that time there were old walls standing from the original business area. Many had the old advertisements painted on the sides. I always wanted to get back to West Columbia to photograph those walls. Well, I suppose that I shouldn’t expect that things would not change but they did. What actually prompted the trip was no longer there but the Capitol Theater almost made up for it.

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