Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Afternoon in Brenham

Debi, at local watering hole
After the photoshoot at Frazier’s, Debi, Matt and I drove out to Brenham and spent the rest of the day shooting small town photos. We only went to Brenham because I got confused. I meant to suggest that we drive into Hempstead that was only a couple of miles away but I said Brenham and Debi was leading so she took off and this is where we ended up. Some mistakes just seem to work out for the best. We had a great time.

 The downtown area is much larger than Navasota where Debi and I shot after the photoshoot at Washington on the Brazos State Park. The people are friendly but not quite as welcoming as in Navasota. Photographing with Debi is always a pleasure because she tends to make friends easily and always gets us invitations back to go deeper. At the St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Jamie invited us back for a tour and inside shoot of the new chapel and I hope that we can get into St Mary’s Catholic Church. I did shoot a couple of fast hand held and blurred interior record shots and it is beautiful.

Between Debi and Matt they wore a old man out. I guess it is good for me because I sure don't get any exercise any other time. We covered most of the downtown area and then drove over to shoot around St Paul's Lutheran and St Mary's Catholic Churches. Brenham is a very colorful town and worth the seventy mile drive for photographs.

Matt's Hat, Same Watering Hole
Local Fire Engine
Freight Depot, Reminded me of the Yard Office of the FW&D where I worked in the Sixties
A Section of Downtown Brenham
The Wood-Hughes House, Across the Street from St Paul's Lutheran

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