Friday, May 6, 2011

Memento Mori

Having lots of extra time on my hands lately I have been considering doing a "mini-portfolio" of maybe a dozen photographs. I have been looking for a suitable BUT inexpensive container. The best that I have come up with is Mpix's Boutique Packaging so I gave it a try--so not it. Besides, who would name a packaging Boutique. Sounds like it is aimed at the soccer mom photographer wanabes.

I can find plenty for a hundred bucks up but nothing reasonable, so I think that the mini-portfolio is a dead issue.

So I am going a different route--something that I understand and enjoy--a book, a monograph. I really wish that Blurb did the 12x12 or the 11x13 book in paperback. Since they don't I went with the 10x8. I got my first proof from Blurb yesterday and I am extremely pleased. I have not done a paper back in a couple of years and the new cover material blew me away. The book, Memento Moi has only an abstract black and gray cover with title and the cover is as shinny as if it were printed on metallic paper. Exceptionally great looking. I have been a little put off by paperbacks in the past but after seeing this I may be doing more in the future. Might just put together a series of monographs; the walls and walks, totems, street portraits. Blurb has a new "pro" offering that I also want to try. I have got six or seven books that I am working on and I can't wait to get one finished to give the pro a try.

You can preview the new book here, Memento Moi

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