Monday, March 7, 2011

West 19th Street

This weekend's photoshoot was in Height's Village. I arrived a couple of hours early because I wanted to have breakfast at the Yale Street Pharmacy--greasy, greasy, but oh so good. Like Mama's home cooking.

Jerry Klumpp put together a Single Focal Length Photoshoot where everyone had to declare the focal length they were going to use prior to actually knowing where the shoot would be located.

We started with coffee at one of the coffee shops along West 19th, shot for a couple of hours and adjourned just before the rain started again for the Triple A Restaurant at the Farmer's Market. Six photographer's show up and we had a great time. I sure do need the excuses to get out and take photographs rather than sitting in front of a computer all weekend--do that enough during the week.

Tomorrow I have lunch with Carolyn at The Railroad Crossing. We are celebrating David Kageler's birthday--although I don't think we invited David. BTW: If you are listening it would be great if you could join us--we might even harmonize on the happy birthday song.

I've got to go to the post office today so I might actually get out and find some place to grab a burger--might even take the camera. Okay, I will take the camera--the question is will I take any photographs?

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