Monday, March 14, 2011

Sesquicentennial Park Plus

Pillot Dogs (detail)
I have been photographing the Pillot Dogs at Sam Houston Park for years and have never gotten a photograph that was half way good. I did do some detail shots and even an overall of both dogs which were acceptable so in spite of my difficulties for the day I am pleased to have these photographs. I even got a fairly decent photograph of Three Coyotes at the Neuhaus Fountain. These will all go into my Outdoor Art in Houston Project.

Carbo's Interior, Second Floor
Carbo's Interior, Second Floor Bar
I went on a shoot with the Houston Photowalk Meet Up group—except I never found them. I should not be surprised. In the past two weeks I have lost my Hoodman Loupe, my cell phone and a pair of boxer shorts (you don’t want to know that story although it is hilarious.)

There was some confusion on the meet up time—a female was in charge so again no surprise. I arrived at what I thought was thirty minutes late but it was actually thirty minutes early or an hour early, not sure which. Thinking I was late I scurried off down the bayou thinking that they would be pausing to take photographs and I would catch up with them. I made it all the way to Sam Houston Park without a sign of anyone I recognized. (I really wanted to meet Jenny Quatlebaum because I wanted to talk about Quatlebaums since I had never actually met one.) I photographed around the park and started back to the meet up point. After a little over two hours I was ready to head home when I ran into Debi Beauregard and Matt Farris who were also leaving. We decided to go to lunch and Matt suggested Carbos. Being a bar I had never been there but Debi said it was very photogenic so I agreed (you know me I don’t hang out in bars.) I got a couple of good photos and then we headed out across Houston and ended up at Discovery Green. Matt works downtown and photographs on his lunch hour so he knew all the good places. We must have photographed for two or three hours before this old man was plumb tuckered out. I grabbed Metro to head back to the park and ride where I left the car. I have this real aversion to paying for parking down town and since I can ride Metro free I save gas and parking.

Checking the Menu at the Bangkok Chef
Street Vendor

Synchronicity of Color Red by Margo Sawyer, Discovery Green
Anyway, the day was not a waste even though I was lost for half of it. Next Saturday I am going to Nelson Water Gardens and the Brookwood Community with the Northwest Houston Photo Club. That is going to be a very nice change of pace. Brookwood is a community for developmentally challenged adults, I may just stay.

Water Dance at Discovery Green
Fire Escape Pattern, Greater Southwest Building

Debi and Matt laughed at me when I stopped to take this photograph. That's okay, I like it anyway and it will make a nice addition to my Walls and Walks Project--do I have a lot of projects or what?

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