Thursday, March 3, 2011

Charles Umflauf's Hope for Humanity at the entrance to the Natural Science Museum

Hannah Stewart's Atropos Key at Miller Theater
 I know I repeat this a lot but that's okay, Janet and I started a project of photographing the outdoor art in Houston back in about 2002. I have photographed all of these pieced multiple times but still when I have an opportunity and the light is different I want to photograph them again. Actually, I think I might do my portfolio for the Portfolio Challenge on outdoor art this year. I just might pick out ten or twelve important pieces that I can get back to easily and use that as the subject matter. These I shot while I was waiting for the Natural Science Museum to open.

Oriental Woman, Houston Garden Center

Houston is very fortunate to have a number of very interesting pieces of outdoor sculpture. Oldenburg's Geometric Mouse X is one of my favorites but they have moved it twice within the last three or four years. Since the 1970's it has been at the entrance to the library. Then they moved it over to the lawn of the Julia Ideson building and now it is on the corner behind the library. They moved Debuffet's Mounument au Phantome was moved from Louisiana Street to the Convention Center. Neither of the new locations is nearly as photogenic as the original locations. I do have a fairly good photograph of the Mouse at the new location but not the Phantome. So I guess that would be worthwhile working on.

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