Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Railroad Crossing

The Railroad Crossing's Dining Car, along the UP tracks
Dining Car Interior
Carolyn Sloan bought my belated birthday lunch today—we have always celebrated belatedly for a number of years. We worked together for five different businesses over a period of thirty years. I have been her boss and she has been my boss so there has been ample opportunities to celebrate birthdays.
Maria, the personable waitress
I never remember anyone’s birthday. Carolyn remembers everyone’s birthday. I had a hard enough time remembering Janet’s and poor Elizabeth. Her’s was on June 16th and I kept getting it mixed up with June 19th—my bad. Last year Carolyn’s belated birthday lunch was over four months late. Today we picked up Subway and took it to the park. We watched the ducks, even the coot ducks and had a great conversation as always.

After lunch I headed out for Historic Cypress Top Park, which I never found. However, I did find the Railroad Crossing, turned around and went back for a cup of coffee and dessert. They seem quite photographer friendly and I think a Friday or Saturday night dinner with photos in the dining car might be a lot of fun. Haven’t tried the barbeque but Carolyn and I may go back there next Tuesday even though it is David’s birthday—might even invite him.

Too bad I didn’t know about this place when my retired railroader brother was in town. It couldn’t possibly have been any worse than the Spaghetti Warehouse. Anyway, after next week I may set it up as a mini activity for the camera club.

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