Sunday, February 13, 2011

Modeling for Print Session

Went out to Jam's for the 11am session on Modeling for Print. I usually can only hang around for a couple of hours but ended up staying for the full session and then for the 3pm till 7pm session. Then Debie Beauregard and I went to Wolfie's for dinner and ended up staying until after 10pm. That's a long day for an old person, but I did enjoy it.

Jam kept both of the groups small so he got to move through much more than has been covered on previous session. The photographs I shot were intended to be simply memory joggers but I ended up getting a few that I thought were fun enough to keep.

In this one, which I titled "Blowing Away the Photographer" Hallie is doing the pose for modeling pants and Jam is shooting her from a low angle. I didn't mind having his feet in the shot but then when I saw it I thought they added to the fun of the photograph. I had one without the feet, but decided to keep this one. Hallie did a great job as usual.

Unfortunately I am having some problems posting the photographs to the Meet Up site. When I upload them they are very pixilated so I had to remove them. I don't have the wherewithal today to address the problem so maybe tomorrow I will try again.

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