Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Glenwood Cemetery

Houston Photowalk Meet Up is having a photoshoot at Glenwood Cemetery next weekend. Because of a glitch on the Meet Up site the photoshoot was full before I got a chance to RSVP. I met Michael Young for breakfast this morning and afterwards decided to stop by Glenwood and do some photographs.

I limited myself to using the Lens Baby and I am glad that I did even though I missed the focus on many of the shots. I think it has the right ambiance (my word of the month it seems) for shooting in cemeteries.

This evening I learned that Photowalks has added a photoshoot for Saturday afternoon and I automtically was added to the afternoon group since I was on the waiting list for the earlier shoot. So now I am going to get to shoot at Glenwood again. Unfortunately I was there today from around noon until about 3pm which is the same time as the schedule for Saturday. I asked to remain on the waiting list for the morning shoot incase a few change from the morning to the afternoon shoot. I would like to do it in different light. Although if I would only shake a leg in the morning I could get up and be there at 7am anyway, but I won't.

I have only processed a very few of the images from today but it looks like I am going to have several that I like in spite of my focusing problems with the Lens Baby. Saturday I am going to take extreme wide angles rather than the Lens Baby so that I will have a different feel to the photographs.

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