Thursday, February 3, 2011

Catch Up

Well, my North Texas trip gets postponed again: first Christmas, then February, then hopefully March. Considering the weather it is going to be Spring, maybe May.

Still working on the photoshoot at American Shooting Center for Homes for Veterans. Made a brief appearance at a photoshoot Sunday, very brief. I get so carried away processing that I don't remember to go to bed sometimes. Tuesday I made the NWHPC program which was excellent, a video of a Scot Kelby interview with Jay Maisel--made me want to pack up immediately and head downtown. Tuesday, Debbi Henderson and I went to the Forbidden Gardens Museum in Katy but they weren't open. Fortunately I took a dining room chair and we photographed it at the museum entrance, in the parking lot, on a peninsula of a small park lake and finally with a group of vultures and some road kill. Wanted to get a shot of the vultures sitting on the chair but the road kill was already passed its prime and wouldn't entice them to come back to try out the chair. Debbie did get one that looked like a vulture was sitting on the chair but it's not wholly convincing.

I took time out from the shoot at American Shooting Center to make a Houston Photowalk Silver Screen event about a mile away. Paid off big time with a $270 gift certificate to be applied against a Lens Baby--which showed up at my front door this afternoon. Debbi and I are photographing another chair tomorrow--come snow or shine. Might take it to Lake Houston or might try it with urban decay. There's just no telling what we might do with it. Probably won't sleep tonight because she is picking me up at 7am and it is supposed to snow tonight. Of course I am going to try out the Lens Baby tomorrow so I will be ready for the Singing in the Rain (which will probably be snow) photoshoot Sunday afternoon.

My life is so full but oh how I miss sharing that with Janet. I know she would be freezing lately because she was so cold natured and hated cold weather so I guess I should be glad she is not here and terribly  uncomfortable but that doesn't keep me from missing her.

Oh, btw, for those that don't follow the Discussions Blog--a couple of weeks ago I submitted five photographs to The Gathering of Photographers juried gallery show coming up on March 31st. I didn't expect to have any selected for the show but I got a notification this afternoon that all five are going to be hung. All I can say is that there must have been a dearth of entries. That's the main reason for the delay in the North Texas trip. The hanging fee which includes the framing is $100 each and getting the photographs printed and matted is going to run another $50 to $75 each so it blew a hole and a half into my austerity program. Well the people in North Texas once went fifteen years without seeing me, they will survive if not thrilled with the delay.

And, if my big brother should be reading this (he is a very practical, non-deviating, straight laced type) he will wonder what the heck with a dining room chair in an empty parking lot or a patch of weeds. It's called "object in an unusual enviornment." It's standard fare with photographers--placing something where it doesn't belong for a photograph.

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