Sunday, January 30, 2011

Homes for Veteran's Clay Pigeon Shoot

Well, it was two very long but satisfying days. Friday I shot from 7am until after 7:30pm and Saturday from 7am until about 2pm. There was more to shoot but this old man was worn out. Got home to an email inviting me to shoot the Houston Marathon Sunday morning and I already had a commitment for Sunday afternoon. I skipped the first, made the second but knowing how much processing I already had to do, didn’t stay for the shoot.

Friday morning began with registration, free breakfasts, lots of shotguns. It has been a very long time since I had been on a shooting range and it may have been shotguns but the smell of gunpowder is all the same.

I was a little disappointed with the photos from Friday—as I usually am. But I got some that weren’t too bad. Did a little better Saturday. Walked my legs off both days because the light was constantly changing on the shooting stations so I had to go back and do them all over again. Just hope that I got some photos the they will find usable.

The Patriot Guard escorted the veterans to the shoot. I wasn’t aware that they were coming or I would have found a better location. One of the couples that I shot Friday, members of Rolling Thunder, was killed in a motorcycle/car accident on I-45 that afternoon. Their daughter was in the hospital and they had to leave early to be with her. It was announced at the Flag Retirement Ceremony Friday evening.

The flags retired had all been flying since Sept 11th 2001. They had become frayed and faded. The proper method of disposal is by burning. Because of the Patriot Guards work for veterans they were asked to be the first flags to the fire. Afterwards everyone filed by and tossed in a flag. I was much too busy taking photographs.

Everybody was there, National Rifle Association, U S Navy, 6th Cavalry Reenactment Group, twenty or more companies supplying food and drinks, the Remax hot air balloon, the Wall of soldiers lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, even a couple in Revolutionary War outfits.

I missed the fly over by the Commemorative Air Force because I had a previous commitment that took me away for about two hours in the middle of Saturday. But it paid off. I won a gift certificate for a Lens Baby. Always wanted one even though I am not exactly sure what they grow up to be.

I really appreciate the invitation from Debie Beauregard to photograph this event. I’ve culled it down to around 400 out of a couple thousand photographs that I took. Now to finish processing and get the photos to Lucille.
Everyone preparing food for the day. Free food was available all day Friday and Saturday.
Friday night after the Flag Retirement Ceremony, Rolling Thunder served everyone
barbaque sandwiches.
A Rolling Thunder Rider with the Patriot Guard that escorted the veterans to the event.
There was a lot of emphasis on having the veterans join in the shoot. The fellow
going to the station is missing one leg, the fellow leaving is missing both. There
were many multiple amputees among the vets. Even those on chairs were taken
to the stations. The money raised from the event go to build homes for the veterans
that will accommodate their disabilities. A very worth while undertaking.
One of the fifteen or so shooting stations

I bet Robert Capa would have liked having one of those Cannons

Patton has words for a Boy Scout and most everyone else
I loved shooting the older members of the reenactment  group

Member of Rolling Thunder adds a flag to the fire pit

Available light shot of the Flag Retirement Ceremony

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