Friday, January 28, 2011

Catch Up

Back where I come from there is an expression, worn to a frazzle, and boy does that describe me tonight. After two hours sleep I went on a twelve hour photoshoot. Who gets a sunburn in January besides me?

A friend had been invited to photograph a charity event, Home for Veterans, a clay pigeon shoot at American Shooting Center off Hwy 6 and Westheimer. Drive time from my house is at least an hour and it started at 7am so I knew I had to get up by 4am to shower, shave and stop at Denny’s for breakfast. As frequently happens, when I know that I have to get up early for sure, I can’t go to sleep. I went to bed at 10pm and finally at midnight I gave it up. Got up watched TV, ate a snack, cleaned house, looked for lost 16mb compact flash card and found it. Finally decided at 2am to try it again. I probably went to sleep around 2:30am and up at 4am. I made it to the shooting range just a little after seven. I was on my feet almost all of the day but as tired as I was, I had a blast. Don’t know that out of the 1000 plus photos that I took that I will find 100 worth keeping and then nothing too great—hey a blast is a blast even for old people.

I did avoid one spot, the Huey Helicopter rides. I knew if I got close that I was going to be out $160 and right now I am on an austerity budget if I am going to get to North Texas anytime soon, maybe April, maybe May—gave up on doing it in February.

Anyway, I have got to be back there at 7am tomorrow morning but I’m only staying until 10am since I had a prior commitment from 11am until 3pm. The Houston Photowalk Meet Up group has leased a theatre in Western Oaks Shopping Center and I have supplied fifteen or so photographs for the program. Don’t know that they will all be chosen. I, know no one is going to believe this, and since none will probably be chosen, I probably shouldn’t mention it but I entered five photographs into a juried show at the Betz Art Gallery. They say it’s in Memorial, I say it’s in Montrose. Won’t know until after Feb 6th. It’s a hundred buck plus having the photographs printed for each one that gets chosen. Wish they were doing 16x20 but they insist on 20x24 which doubles the price of the matting. The $100 goes toward museum frame and glass—I still have to have the photograph printed and matted. Okay, I’m not worried that this is going to eat into my austerity program.

I wonder how long it takes to download over a thousand images? I’m not going to wait. I’m going to bed. Will post photos later.

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