Saturday, December 4, 2010

Help Portrait Tomball Texas 2010

2010 Tomball Texas Help Portrait Team
 Today was Help Portrait Day. The Tomball Texas group shot at the Tomagwa Ministries Health Clinic  on School Road in Tomball. To summarize the day: exhausting, satisfying, disappointing. My concerns of being short handed were misplaced. We had fifteen photographers/printers/assistants, three shooting stations (the rooms were much larger than I recalled them being), two printing stations, one CD burning station and one trimming station. Six were from the Northwest Houston Photo Club, two from Photoshoots Houston Models, Actors and Photographers Meet Up Group (one not pictured), two signed up on the Help Portrait Web Site (one did not show up); and six were from the Woodlands Help Portrait group.

Of forty potential sittings I had allowed, all but about eight were filled. 144 people signed-up however only 29 actually showed up. That was a little disappointing but it did not dampen the spirits or the will. Everyone that I talked with is looking forward to doing Help Portrait next year. What we achieved was not up to what we could have achieved but what we did was good. I was quite pleased with the quality of the portraits that were turned out, the sitters seemed very appreciative and pleased with what they received. We gave everyone an 8x10 and four 4x5 (different shots) plus a CD that included all of the photographs taken. In all it was a very good and worthwhile day.

I am extremely grateful to Pam Carlson for locating the venue; to Judy at the clinic for so graciously hosting the shoot; and to everyone that showed up to work (which we may not have done a lot of.) What work we did was good. I think everyone went home feeling that their day was not wasted in spite of the disappointing turn out. I could not be prouder of the people that came to give of their time and talent.

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