Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PSHMAP Photoshoot 11/28

The 28th was the first month so I tried to stay busy and not think about it. Went to a photoshoot even though I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. The shoot was for young models and I’m not that much of a kid photographer. However, I managed to stay most of the full four hours, something I hardly ever do.

I used to blame that on Janet. When I would go out by myself I always tried to be gone no longer than two hours, four would have been out of the question. However, I have learned that maybe it wasn’t Janet. Maybe my attention span in a crowd seems to be limited to about that amount of time. After two hours I am ready to head home.

Help Portrait is looming. The closer it gets the more nervous I will be. I have been wanting to do this for two years and now that it is time I have many doubts that I can carry it off. Working with the models group has helped build my confidence in photographing people so I’ll just cross my fingers and head for Tomball. It’s not Acres Homes but it will be good practice. Besides that it is far enough away that if it doesn’t work out well they probably won’t come looking me up.

I’ve got eight people so far that have committed to be there and I hope we will have room to set up three shooting stations. The spaces are going to be tight but we will see. Saturday evening I will either be ecstatic or terribly depressed.

The models group is doing a military family photoshoot on Dec 26th so now I’ve got a quandary. I have promised everyone that I will be in North Texas for Christmas but I sure would like to do the military family shoot and maybe go to North Texas in January or February. That would give me a chance to replenish some of the November expenses, would avoid the holiday traffic. Quandary, quandary, quandary—where is my decision maker? Oh well, when we get to that bridge.

Here are a few of the photograph from the photoshoot.

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