Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wings and Wheels at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum

Today was the International Bi-Plane Fly In at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum and I was looking forward to having some very different planes to photograph. By the time I got Janet ready to go we were running a little later than I had hoped and we had to stop by the bank. When I go into the bank I always take my camera and I was glad that I did because when I when to get it out of the back seat there was no camera there. After finishing at the bank we had to drive home to get the camera. That was not convenient but it didn't turn the air nearly as blue as it would have if I had fought the traffic on I-45 for twenty miles and then discovered it after I arrived at the Museum.

The Wings and Wheels last month was a little disappointing to say the least so this time I drove around to the side of the terminal where I could see the tarmac. The Lodestar that I photographed last month was back in the same place and there was a grand total of one, uno, very small, possibly home built bi-plane. I would say that the museums concept of "fly-in" is considerably different from mine. I didn't feel like paying twenty dollars to photograph a single plane so we headed home without even getting Janet out of the car.

I had wanted to have lunch at the Calliope Poor Boy Shop because I wanted to see if size really matters. Got caught by a train and in avoiding the long wait the route I took make that inconvenient so we ended up back at the old stomping grounds and Aunt Bea's. This is the first time we had been there before dark and I really appreciated the light without the sickly fluorescent coming in from outside.

We might not have ended up doing what I had planned but it was a good excuse to get out of the house.

We also had a visitor before we left that has given me some hope that I may get some home help with Janet so that I can make the photoshoots in the future. I laid down some rules and was told that they could make it happen so that I will have someone to sit with her every Wednesday evening while I go to the Houston Photography Meet Up and every Sunday so I can attend the Houston Models and Photographers Meet Ups. I also explained that I want someone that will not only sit with Janet but will go to the Sunday photoshoots when they are someplace where I can take Janet. We will see what happens.

I started off by telling the lady that I needed someone to sit with Janet tomorrow when I go to the photoshoot in Huffman for the Models with Horses shoot. She got on the phone all the while saying that she was not sure she could make it happen that fast. Finally I told her that I just want to see what she would do. She had said she wanted to help and I wanted to know how far she would go. I am taking Janet with me because when I told her about the shoot I asked her if she liked horses and she said she did to we are going horse hunting together. Fortunately the lady thought that it was funny that I was testing her. She also took it pretty well when I told her that I really didn't think that she was nearly as concerned about Janet as she was in perpetuating her job so maybe it will work out much to my distrust.

She did offer an interesting piece of information which she had not previously shared. The investigation was because Janet did not have any bruises from the fall, just the cut on her forehead and the black eye. I tried to explain that she only fell a very short distance because she had simply leaned too far forward in her chair so her head probably only fell two feet at the most and maybe not that far. I suppose the difference had been that in the past when she fell she generally suffered bruising in addition to the cut. Fortunately it's not rocket science.

Janet at Aunt Bea's during the day time without the sickly yellow green shadows.

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