Monday, October 18, 2010

Janet at the Williams Horse Farm

Janet and I drove out to Huffman to the Williams Horse Farm for a photoshoot with the Houston Photographers and Models Meet Up. It was a little trying getting her wheelchair around a pasture and she didn’t seem interested in a whole lot but sampling the fodder which kept me busy. We only stayed a couple of hours and I did not shoot nearly all the photographs that I had in mind.

I really should be processing the photographs from the shoot so that I can get them to the models but I had this one very unusual photograph of Janet that I wanted to share first. When I first told Janet that we were going to the photoshoot I asked her if she liked horses. Having lived all her life in the city I have no idea if she has ever been close to a horse. One of the few times that I actually got an answer from her, she said, “yes.” So it was important to get a photograph of her with or at least near the a horse. I was surprised when she took the rope. No face but I still think the photograph speaks for itself.

Anyway, as I have always said Janet is my favorite model and I'll have to admit that Dixie isn't bad looking for a horse.

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