Sunday, October 17, 2010

Montrose and Heights Photoshoot

Friday, Larry Belt and I met up at the Taft Street Coffee House. We did a short walk in the area and ended up at the Texas Junk Company where George, the owner, gave us permission to do some photographs. I had been wanting to photograph the outside of the Texas Junk Company ever since I noticed it the first time that Janet and I went to the Taft Street Coffee House. I assumed the permission applied to inside as well. Both Larry and I agreed that it was very reminiscent of the containers from my garage with a lot more thrown in.

After that we drove over to the Heights Village to do some late evening and night photographs. I first discovered the possibilities of shooting the window displays in the Village a couple of years ago when I was working on an Internet photo challenge program. The monthly assignment was “by it’s own light” so Janet and I packed up at every opportunity and drove around Houston looking for objects that produced light that I could photograph. When we drove through the Village most of the stores had either interesting outside lights, lights in the display
window or lights in a position inside the store that could be photographed. I think I got at least a week or two worth of assignment images. Last night proved no different. The only problem was that we got there just a little early and there were still reflections on the windows that created problems.


I ended the evening by loseing my camera bag with the 85mm f/1.4, the 50mm, f/1.4, the 105mm Macro and the 17-35mm zoom plus 16 gigs of CF cards and two Pocket Wizards along with various sundry items. I missed it as I was putting the camera in the car and immediately rushed back down the street but there was no bag so I went the other direction. Larry didn’t think that I went far enough so he retraced my steps even going around the corner to where we had been shooting. My only thought was whether or not home owners was going to cover it when I decided to check the car once again. Yelp, it was in the floor board but I have absolutely no recollection of putting into the car which I must have done only seconds before I “discovered” that it was missing. Oh, well, I’m old and I am supposed to forget things.

With the exception of the few minutes of sheer panic it was a great night. I believe that Larry enjoyed it as much as I did.

BTW: he has converted a two-wheeler cart into a camera equipment transport that makes me envious. If I had a cart like that I would not have mislocated my camera bag—instead I would have probably walked off and left the cart and all. LOL

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