Monday, September 6, 2010

Trying In Camera Manipulation

I have decided the my “model” shoots are a little stodgy so I decided to play around a bit shooting a mostly unwilling, or at least, uncooperative model.

This, one of my favorites, was shot using a lens hood extension made from a Ziplock baggie. I just wrapped it around the lens hood and secured it with a rubber band. I could alter the shape by pressing in on the sides or by rotating the lens hood. I think on this one I may have also stuck the side of my finger over the edge of the lens hood to create the dark area on the left.

I shot some through a white nylon stocking, through Ziplock bags covering the front of the lens hood, some without the log and some with. I also did the lens hood extension using wax paper which I really liked and I found that using the Ziplock bag over the front of the lens hood worked really well if you push it out so that it is more of a bubble rather than a flat surface. That way it picks up light and flair that although is difficult to control creates some interesting effects.

For two cents and a half I would pack Janet up and head to Mercer to really give it a try out. I also what to use some square cut from some translucent white kitchen trash bags that I have. No Vasoline yet, but who knows, Maybe Vaseline with Saran Wrap.

This is basically SOOC. All I did in post was to crop to the long narrow and perk up the colors of the background. In other words, the manipulation was done in camera.

This has more in post manipulations of the colors. Again the blurs are all created in camera. I did not keep records of what I used. This may have been from the wax paper where I cut a star shapped hole and the attached the paper flat over the front of the lens hood. All of these were shot with the 50mm on f/1.4. On this one I did play with Hues adjustment to change the colors on the left.

For some reason every time I look at the blue one on the right I want to say, "Boil, Boil, toil and trouble." LOL  So far there are three pretty different "looks," all taken sitting at the breakfast table with my favorite lighting a combination of daylight and incandescent.

They seem to convert interestingly convert to monochrome. I love to manipulate photographs and I can see that some of these would work very well with textures.

A couple of dozen photographs and I can fill the day manipulating them.

Here is one with a texture applied along with the Aged Newspaper Effect from PSP.

Yes, it should be "Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble." Old people have senior moments, minutes, hours, days, weeks--well you know.

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