Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photoshoot at Old Town Spring

Another amazing photoshoot. Got started a little late and only one model showed up but that did not dampen the enthusiasm. I had only been to Old Town Spring once before and wasn’t very impressed, too touristy. For example, today I got there early and thought I would purchase something cold to drink—a 32oz coke was $3. I will admit that if I had not left the premises I could have gotten a refill. Thank goodness Jam brought a cooler of cokes and water for everyone. There was one Indian Sikh, two Filipinos and two Americans, me and a young lady, made an interesting group of photographers. Fortunately the model that showed up was Chanelle which was one of the models I had photographed at the Mercer shoot.

Jam, the organizer of the group is nervous energy personified and it is great to listen to his ambitious plans for the group. So far he is doing very well. The group has been in existence less than one month and already has over 100 members and is growing daily. His plans are for a photoshoot every weekend and then a Wednesday get together for a couple hours discussion of photograph and a couple hours of shooting. So far, in less than a month the group has had eight photoshoots. Shortly he is going to split the group in to four divisions, north, south, east and west so that there will be a conveniently scheduled shoot in each of the four divisions. You are not going to be limited to shooting in your particular division if you think one of the others would be more interesting to you. The number of participants at each shoot is limited based on the number of models that sign up so it is good to RSVP early if a shoot looks interesting.

Any way, here are a few of my photographs of Chanelle.

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