Monday, September 13, 2010

Big Weekend Coming Up

I have got a week to prepare for a very busy weekend. I have given up entirely too many weekends so I have every intention of making this one work both days.

Saturday is the Anniversary Party at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum. I had planned on issuing an invitation on the Discussion blog but right now I feel that it is time to do this on my own. I hope to get some experience at doing event photography. If not, I will have airplanes, cars, the museum building to photograph. It will be enough to keep me happy. I will post a note to the Houston PhotoWalk forum and possibly I will run into one or two of them at the shindig.

Putting photographers into groups may just always be a bad idea. LOL Everyone had a great time at the official photo shoot at the Air Terminal Museum last month. There was great enthusiasm and somewhere around four hundred photos were posted to the forum. Then they discovered that the Museum had a Flickr site where they invited everyone to contribute photographs. After several, including me, had posted photos someone discovered that the Museum had a policy that they could use any photographs posted to the Flickr site without accreditation. Nothing can make a photographer more upset than thinking that someone is getting some use of their photography for nothing. Of course, they seldom take into consideration that the photographs have little to no monetary value so what have they lost. I finally took mine down because they somehow saw leaving them there as cutting into their income stream—whatever that is.

The Discussions blog is a total disaster and gets worse on a daily basis. You might notice that I no longer have a link to it in my Web Presence. Yes, removing the link from this and my Favorites is a knee jerk reaction. I’m disappointed but what to heck, it was an interesting experiment for a couple of years. Maybe now I can concentrate on the Photovisualize blog.

The Sunday afternoon is the Downtown Shoot with the Houston Photographer and Models group. Downtown, of course, is my favorite place to shoot and to add people to the mix should make it a great day. I see that the meet up is full but I haven’t yet looked to see who will be modeling. I’ve got time for that.

Went out for coffee last evening and came out of Denny’s just at sunset so I had to do a Totem shot. Actually, in the year that I have been doing these, this is the first time that the lights have been on at the Denny’s parking lot. Hope that is a good omen for the future.

But right now to get prepared I will cut back on some venues of photography. That is a necessity. There is simply enough going on in life without taking on additional situations.

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