Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Experience

A new experience tonight. Janet wanted to go to bed about 10:45. I told her that I bet she would not stay in bed ten minutes before she wanted up. I was right. She used to go to bed and immediately go to sleep. Not any more. She is up as long as I am up except on the nights when I don’t go to sleep at all. Anyway, she is now sitting on the edge of the bed singing, “it’s the thing right there” over and over. Back after she had the last stoke and lost her ability to find words, I tried to get her to sing but I never could do it. Talking and singing work on different sides of the brain and I thought maybe she might be able to say what she wanted to say if she sang rather than talked. I guess talking and reasoning work on the same side of the brain because I could never get her to understand that it might make a difference.

This is the first time that she has come anywhere close to singing since 2000. I mean constantly repeating “it’s the thing right there” over and over is pretty standard fare every evening, but not singing it. As much as it gets on my nerves, singing it seems to make it a little more soothing even thought it is so much louder—there are times when hearing loss is an asset. LOL

She has now added, "Rags, Megan, come on" to the mix. That is what she calls me, either Rags or Megan, the names of our dogs. Once tonight she actually called me Gary while she was singing. I really would like to think that she will continue with the singing. I'll just turn the hearing aid down.


  1. That is very interesting about the singing. I have friends whose mothers had not recognized them in years, yet could sing along with every familiar hymn that they heard! Isn't it interesting how the brain can do that? I guess it's the same phenomenon that enables us to remember words that have been put to music (as in commercials and jingles) decades earlier, long after we've forgotten the product they advertised.

    Does Janet enjoy listening to music on CD? If so, what kind does she enjoy or what was her favorite kind of music before she had the stroke? Just curious...

  2. Janet is very eclectics. She has over two hundred CD’s of classical, big band, hymns, country western, 50's rock and roll and believe it or not new age. Being a pianist and music major she prefers piano pieces, and Debussy's Clair de Lune especially. I can always score points with Debussy's music or Cummings poetry. LOL