Friday, October 23, 2009

One Day Up; One Day Down

Bummer, got an email from Cindi and she has had to drop out of Help Portrait. So I am pretty much back to square one. Spent most of the day hanging out on the Internet looking at studio lights. For under a grand I can get a 3200ws White Lightening with an 86” parabolic umbrella and diffusion cover. That with the stands, booms, reflectors and speedlights that I already have should set up a small studio. I could boom the light for a modified butterfly lighting that works for almost everyone and use an eye reflector, not very dramatic but serviceable. Rather than working in Acres Homes I could work closer to home in Hawthorn Place for maybe four hours by myself. I would only be able to do ten or twelve portraits at the most. I will drive over to the Hardy Senior Center tomorrow and see if they have rooms available for meetings. If not maybe I can find a church that will cooperate and just do the members of the one church.

I have got everything I need to do this with the exception of the studio strobe. I’ve got background stands, background muslin, every light modifier and attachment device known to man. I would need some stools or chairs. There is no reason that I have to do it just one day because everyone else is or someone else decided to do it one day.

Michael thinks I am crazy for wanting to go into Acres Homes anyway. I don’t but Hawthorne Place would be a lot easier for me. I was only going with Acres Homes because it is more convenient for members of the camera club and blog. But it would be an interesting place to work in my opinion.

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  1. Gary, can you not borrow whatever else you need from someone at NWHPC? Have you settled on a date? I might be able to help with the practical side of things (help with Janet, etc) but you know I don't have the technical expertise to do indoor portraiture with light set up, etc. What I know about indoor portraits and light would fit in a thimble.

    How are you planning to handle the expense of printing and postage?