Thursday, October 22, 2009

Practically a Red Letter Day

First, I went to a meeting of the Help Portrait Group at the Coffee Groundz where I embarrassed myself with one very lousy group photo. No more on that. Then I picked up Janet and we went to Denny’s for dinner.

When I go out and leave her alone I usually bribe her with a promise that she will not have to eat my cooking when I get home. Didn’t work last night for the camera club meeting, believe it or not she didn’t want to go out. A good indication that she is hacked when she is willing to eat my cooking—she knows she gets back at me because I will have to eat it also.

Tonight she stayed at the table with no argument all the way through dessert. That has not happened in a long time. Actually a meal that I enjoyed. Of course, since the last time out I came across a 12" Velcro strap that works very nicely to securely immobilize the left wheel of her chair, the one that I cannot control because I have to set on her right. Surprisingly late in the meal when she did unlock the left wheel and tried unsuccessfully to roll away from the table she didn't seem upset when she couldn't move. Then again we were sharing a banana split at the time so leaving might not have been that enticing. LOL The last time we were there I blocked her wheel with my leg, very uncomfortable. She fought so hard to leave the table that I thought she was going to tip her chair over backwards—a really unpleasant and stressful situation.

However this post should be about the couple behind Janet on the right. This is the couple that I have written about before. They are frequently there when we stop in after the camera club meetings on Tuesday night so I was surprised to see them there on a Wednesday. I can hardly keep my eyes off of them. I am certain that he is a preacher because he has such a commanding presence and she is always so impeccably dressed. I don’t believe he was wearing a hat tonight, very unusual. I told Janet that I would give my eye teeth to get them in front of a camera. She was so beautiful tonight in the red dress and gray hat, she always is wearing a hat. They make such a beautiful couple, so dignified in every respect. They are absolutely stately in a very gracious Southern way.

Okay, I will post the group shot. I was not prepared to be asked and I really flubbed it. I should have uped the ISO because the 1/5 sec is not hand holdable especially by a seventy year old with ET. Stupid, stupid, stupid. After seeing this I hope James doesn't suggest that they can do without my services.

The meeting was good and gave me encouragement to pursue the Acres Homes project. Just hope I can get some commitments from the Discussions Blog or from NWHPC. Really need at least six to eight people and so far I only have one, Cindi Rogers has volunteered. Jerry Pierson expressed an interest. Push comes to shove and the three of us can do it even if I have to spring for a set of studio lights.

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  1. two things. the shot is whimsical with heads popping out from the arm pits of others. And for a banana split, I would behave as well.

    See you on the other blog...