Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Golden Arches

At last, an approved dinner at home but we did hit the Golden Arches for a dessert that I cannot make. Met a very personable young man, Ricky Hernandez, that was waiting for his wife to pick him up after a job. I made the stereotypical mistake of asking if he was Catholic. He wasn’t. I am enjoying my popup flash fill experiments.

Just so you don’t think that the only thing I photograph is Janet eating out I will post a rain picture that I have been planning for awhile. Actually I have been planning it ever since the NWHPC skyline shoot which is posted below (the flag draped building shots.)
The first plan was to shoot after dark using a long exposure so that I could get streaks from the car headlights on the freeway below. But the Quitman Street Bridge is not someplace where I relish being alone at night with expensive photo equipment. So I got this bright idea that I might be able to do it during a rain. Well it didn’t work out as planned; I didn’t get much in the way of headlight streaks, but I did get a few photographs that I liked. Anyway, I have got a photograph for the upcoming competition at the camera club and I may still do it after dark. Who knows? As Eisenstaedt said, “When I have a camera in my hands I have no fear.” Now I do not know if that works when the camera is on a tripod. We’ll see.

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