Monday, September 21, 2009

An Interesting Evening

As those that have eaten out with us know, Janet can be pretty cantankerous. When she is ready to leave the restaurant she is ready to leave right then. She will refuse to stay at the table. Frequently she will refuse to eat if everything isn't to her liking. She can shoot me a look that makes the evil eye look like kids stuff.

Well tonight I fixed dinner at home. She refused to eat, refused to stay at the table and was in a nervous tizzy. I finished eating and thought I would take her out to get something she would eat. She refused to get changed. I gave up and went back to the computer. After a while she came in and I asked her again if she wanted to go out to eat. She said yes and allowed me to finish getting her dressed.

I was prepared for the worst because I just knew she was going to be a handful when we got to the restaurant. We went to the closest Denny’s for one reason that they are accustomed to her acting up and seem to tolerate it. So help me. She did a 180 when we got to the table and she got a cup of coffee. She stayed at the table. She ate well. And even was calm and cheerful after she finished eating which is very unusual. I asked her if she had been so cantankerous at home because she wanted to go out to eat and she said yes. I brought home a happy wife and a happy husband.

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  1. All's well that ends well! Or as some say "Happy Wife. Happy Life." :)