Sunday, February 8, 2009

Early February

Well, I have been shooting pear photos for the past week or so. It is part of an assignment on the learning blog which was supposed to show a progression from fresh to decay, sort of a time sequence. Pears don't decay fast enough for me and so I are two of the three.

We drove out Saturday to Mercer Arboretum but the wind was blowing so hard that shooting a few bamboo shots and some of the lily ponds were about it. We had gone to Mercer a week ago on a field trip with the learning blog where we only shot with P&S cameras. I had to borrow one. Anyway, the photographs that I took of the lily ponds on that trip were the best photographs I had ever done and I have been shooting them for seven or eight years. I decided to see if I could do as well with the DSLR and I am very pleased with the results.

Sunday we drove up to Shenandoah to have lunch with Janet's sister and her husband. I failed to ask what time their church would let out so we got there an hour early and by the time we were served Janet was past the end of her time for being in one spot. She refused to eat after the food was delivered and kept trying to leave the table, otherwise everything went well. Enjoyed the visit and caught up on family. I tried to get Janet to stop by Mercer on the way home but she was not in the mood for anything but home, which within thrity minutes after we got here she was ready to leave again. This shot was taken in the Red Lobster while we were waiting.

ADDENDUM: When this photograph came out of the camera it was dark with warm rich color. I mistakenly went for a more natural skin tone but after looking at the photograph for awhile, I have decided that I like it much better dark so I am posting both.

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  1. Gary, I really enjoyed seeing all the different ways you can photograph pears! I'd say you really got some milage out of them! HA My least favorite one from earlier set (nice, but in order my least favorite) was the blue. However, I like what you did with the same or simliar bowl in red. The ripened gold pears photograph very nice with the red bowl against the brown background. I'd still like to know what you're using for backdrop. One thing I've learned from this assignment is that ripened (as opposed to rotten) fruit is much more interesting and has more character than fresh.

    On the bottom photo of Janet, what can I say? I always like the photos of Janet and especially those that show her hands and gold wedding band. The light in the upper left hand corner is a bit distracting for me and I think would be a great place to use your U-point to darken it up a little - just my 2 cents. What do you think?