Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Pears

Still doing pears. I enjoyed the January Assignment on the Learning blog. It has been a long time since I have done any tabletop work. Janet and I were driving by the Farmer's Market on Airline yesterday so I stopped in to interview models and came up with three red pears.

I received my Mpix order today and I am pleased with all the 16x20's. It is going to be a difficult decision on choosing two for the February Competition. I am pretty sure that Plated Pears No. 2, Cyanotype will be one but I am not sure of the other. I feel certain that the club will think that No. 2 is much too dark but that is okay. I like it the way it is.


  1. All 3 shots are very nice, Gary but I think #1 is my favorite. The colors in the pears are beautiful and the background in #1 really brings out the variation in the colors of the pears. Very beautiful still life.

  2. Jan, thank you. I like No. 1 the best also. I have a strip of brown burlap that I want to photograph them on also.

    You had asked what the background material was on the shot of the pear and the wooden apple bucket. I keep forgetting to reply. It's a strip of pale gray green burlap. Stopped at Joanna's the other day and picked up a couple of strips, the green and an almost natural burlap color tan. Wish I had got one of every color they had because when I got to the counter it was half price.

    I haven't done tabletop in a long time and truthfully I have never been too good at it. However, with the situation with Janet I want to start doing more to keep my hand in photography. I know I have gone a little overboard with pears but I have really enjoyed it.