Monday, February 2, 2009

January Recap

Since I have not posted much in the first month of this year I am going to do a brief recap of a few of the things that have been done photographically. I just have had a difficult time getting this year started considering I have a new camera to break in. I have done a few photographs of Janet which I will post on a separte thread.

But for the most part the first photographic endeavor was a photoshoot with the Northwest Houston Photo Club at Historic Old Cypress Park.

The Park is a collection of five buildings that have been in the area for a number of years and relocated together. There is a dance hall, a service station, a general store with bar and a home.

I did get a chance to try the D700 at 3200 ISO and for the most part I am pleased. Janet and I did not get to stay for the full tour, still I got a few shots that I liked. Each of the building contains a large collection of artifacts that have some association with the building however the artifacts extend over a period from the approximate time of the buildings up until the present. It makes for an interesting photoshoot and I hope to go back again in the near future by myself.
One evening Janet and I drove over to the Heights to do shots of store windows again. I found this place that has a number of religious artifacts displayed. Here again I needed a tripod. Even though these are hand held they are fair. At least I enjoyed shooting them.

For someone that just purchased a D700 it may seem a little strange to be going on about photographs from a 2.1mp Sony Cybershot but I’m doing it anyway. Larry Belt, one of the team members on the Learning Blog has been suggesting that the team do a shoot using only Point and Shoot cameras. So on January 31st, four of us, Debbie Henderson, Jan Ward, Larry and myself met at Mercer Arboretum for our P&S Shoot. I had to borrow a camera from Debbie because my Beloved Minolta A1 is being very erratic. The Sony had what is missing on most current models of P&S cameras, a movable viewing LCD that could be placed in several orientations so aid in doing unusual viewpoints. I took a total of seventy plus photographs and am very pleased with a number of them but these two shot of two different fish ponds are my favorites. I titled them Homage to Monet #1 and #2. Since the camera was only a 2mp I sized them to an eight inch with and will have them printed on 8x10 leaving the mat. I really haven’t looked as closely at some of the other photographs so I may find more that I want printed. In all it was a very satisfying and successful photoshoot for which I owe Larry AND DEBBIE a very sincere Thank you!!

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  1. Hey Uncle Gary! I've really enjoyed looking at your pictures lately. I had hoped Katie and I would have gotten together with you and Aunt Janet by now, but maybe we will soon.
    This is my only way to contact you since I've lost your phone number. So I wanted to try to set up a time to get together and also let you know about our new blog for Katie's portraits. At this point it's more of a web site than a blog, but when we get an actual website, we'll use it as a blog. It's
    I hope to hear from you soon!
    Christoher Stockwell