Saturday, December 6, 2008

Eating Out and Downtown Windshield Shots

Still shooting photos of Janet when we go out to eat or to get a snack.

Friday night we drove downtown to see if the Christmas tree at City Hall was lit and got into a big traffic mess. They were closing off streets for a 5k run Saturday morning. I started to shoot some through the windshield photos but discovered the battery was dead. By the time I got the battery replaced we were out of the traffic and I wasn't going back. Did a few shots but didn't get anywhere near the Christmas tree.


  1. Gary, I'm sure you are quite familiar with the saying "Don't drink and drive." Well, we are going to have to come up with a new one for you - "Don't photograph and drive!" But since you already did it, I will say that the second is my favorite - I like the reflections in the hood of your car, the bus and the lights showing motion.

    And btw, tell Janet that blue is her color!!

  2. Jan, having had considerable experience (BJ) at both, my observation is that I have a much better recollection of shooting through the windshield. I'm not sure it is the shooting but the changing cards and batteries they we should worry about. LOL

    Truthfully I am probably more attentive to what is in front of me when I am shooting that at most times. Usually I am scanning both sides of the street for photo ops.