Sunday, December 7, 2008

Back to Candid Street Shots

Paul Saltzman has been posting candid black and whites that has stirred the urge to get back to people pictures. I broke out the Minolta to give it a try. Even though the quality is not as good there is good reasoning for using the Minolta rather than the Nikon. The Minolta has an electronic shutter and there is no shutter sound. That makes it considerably less conspicuous; in addition it is half the size of the Nikon and less intimidating. Janet and I drove over to our favorite McDonald's for sausage biscuits this morning so I gave the Minolta a try. I am anxious to get downtown when there are people to give it a try out there. My plan is to set manual focus for about six feet, use it on 7.2mm which on the Minolta is equal to 28mm. Everything from about three feet on should be in focus and I won't have the lag time associated with the autofocus.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice candids, Gary. I especially like them in B&W. However, upon first glance I thought Janet had taken to smoking! :)