Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another Trip to Kroger's

I had a smile trip this afternoon. Needed to run to Kroger's for dog food and a bag of Doritos that I had forgotten on the last trip. Being by myself I carried the camera but only did this one shot.

While trying to figure out what flavor Doritos I needed, I noticed the security guard fumbling with items at the end of the isle pretending to be straightening up the cans. I feel certain that was not one of her assigned duties.

It amazes me that a camera is a security threat regardless of where you are. Yes it is private property and yes they can ask me not to take photographs, But to stalk you because you are carrying a camera? It must be a very, very boring job.

After several minutes and not finding unflavored Doritos I decided on plain Tostitos until I reached for the bag and noticed it was $4.59. For a bag of mostly air? No thanks. I've gotten along fine without Doritos/Tostitos for the past several years and I can use saltines for salmon patties regardless of what the receipt says.

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