Saturday, November 29, 2008

What I need is a new project. Larry Belt made a suggestion some months ago about doing a photo shoot with point and shoot cameras. I thought it was a very good idea but we have never gone any farther with it. Inspired by Larry and by the couple of shoots that I did at Kroger's a few days ago, I have dusted off the Minolta A1. It required a little refresher course in the control but I think I have it where I may not be proficient but manageable. Tomorrow, the same thing I have said for the past two days, I am going to hit the streets for some hip shots. Should be able to find plenty of activity since everyone is in the shopping mood.

I have been wanting to do this since I bought the black and white film when I bought the Memar thinking I would use it or the Leica for some street shots. I am just so stuck on digital that I really hate to go back to film, so Minolta is going to be it for the time beaing.

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