Monday, August 18, 2008

Sam Houston Memorial at Sunset 8/17

On Saturday, Janet and I did not go to dinner with the rest of the group. I am not sure whether or not they returned to the Sam Houston Memorial for night shots. Thinking that was the plan, Janet and I drove back over Sunday night and still got there too early for real night pictures. However, we did get there at sunset. By the time I got parked, got the equipment out and got to the Memorial the sunset was rapidly fading. I took a few shots but they required a little enhancing on the sunset part.

One of the ladies on the GW's Learning Critique blog commented that this photograph was pretty nice. I thought it appropriate to mention that there had been some tomfoolery in post processing but ask that she not mention that to anyone. My message was posted to the club Yahoo site, so of course it went to everyone, which was my intent.

Another lady mentioned that she was surprised that I would fake a photograph. Since no one else in the club would do such a thing she would keep my secret. I wrote back that only the newer members of the club would be surprised that Woodard would fake a photograph which reminded me on an image I entered into the competition back in 2005. I will dig it out and tell the story.

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