Monday, August 18, 2008

Digital Trompe L'Oeil No. 5

I am not sure this actually qualifies as a "photograph." Jan's (tongue in cheek) post on the NWHPC Yahoo page that she was surprised that I would fake a photograph brought this to mind.

I actually entered this image into the club competition the first or second year that I was a member. The only element in this image that went through a camera is the photographs of the garden fountain that are contained inside the Polaroid SX70 frames. Everything else in this image was drawn in a computer. That is why I say that only the newer members would be surprised if Woodard faked a photograph.

This all started with a competition to design a new club sleeve patch for NWHPC. I was working on a silhouette of a rangefinder camera to use on one of my entries. Janet came by and complained that there was no chrome. It's a silhouette to be done as stitching on a sleeve patch. It needs to be simple, duh.

To make her happy, I added chrome. Then she wanted the leather texture, so I added that. Every time I added what she requested she wanted something else. Finally I had a fairly three-dimensional drawing of something that slightly resembled a Leica.

I thought if I can do that, what would happen if I used an actual camera for a model. I got her Leica M3 out of the cabinet and started drawing the top plate. It took me a couple of days of spare time but I had a blast.

I had just drawn the SX70 frame and was learning how to break up a photograph into multiple frames and I needed something for the top corner. I stuck in the Leica drawing. Then I needed something for the lower corner so I did a drawing of a ballpoint that was lying on the desk. After I had it all together I had to do something with it so I entered it into competition. Yes, Woodard does fake photographs.

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