Sunday, August 17, 2008

NWHPC Shoot at the Sam Houston Memorial

The sky was overcast with only distant blue, got a brief light rain but in all it was an enjoyable photoshoot this evening at the Sam Houston Memorial for the September assigned category competition.

The lawn people came today and I forgot to close the gate to the backyard before I let the dogs out. Needless to say, the Beagle, Megan, took advantage of the opportunity. I didn't discover the mistake until I started to lock up to go to the photoshoot. After driving around for a half hour I decided that we would just hope she found her way home before she got run over. Streets mean nothing to Megan. As we were leaving the neighborhood I spotted her and took her back home. So I started off to the photoshoot smelling a lot like wet dog

The lighting was pretty bland on the Memorial. I did take a few shots but not as many as I should have. Instead, the light was great for the flower beds that surround the Memorial so I spent a lot of time doing flower photos even though I am not much of a flower photographer.

I also worked on blurred images for the Out of the Box competition in September. Had fun doing that. And shot a few shots of Herbert Melichar's son, Miles.

Everyone else went to dinner together and then were planning on driving back to the Memorial for some after dark photos. I thought it best to get Janet home when I couldn't find the giant armadillo which was supposed to be the landmark to identify the restaurant.

So if I want night shots I will have to go back later. All in all, it was a very pleasant photoshoot with a good turn out, probably about fifteen to twenty photographers.

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