Friday, August 8, 2008

Mercer Arboretum, Wrong Day

Janet and I went to Mercer Arboretum this morning. We were supposed to go tomorrow morning but the date on my Timex is one day ahead. We were going to meet some other photographers there and when no one showed up I ask one of the gardeners what day of the week it was.

First off, I didn't hear the alarm so I didn't wake up until six o'clock when one of our neighbors that rides a Harley went to work. I knew we would have to leave the house by seven fifteen and I only had a little over an hour to get dressed, feed the dogs, take our meds and get the equipment in the car. We fed the dogs but skipped the meds, forgot about having breakfast and managed to get to the Arboretum at seven fifty-five. I kept watching the cars pull up but no one I knew. That is when it occurred to me that it might not be Saturday.

Janet and I made a swing around the circle. I shot a little over four hundred shots of which there are maybe ten that are pretty good. Tomorrow we cannot use the viewfinder to frame the photographs so I thought I would practice. Had a good time, probably got more good shots than I usually do, so the day was a success.

We stopped at McDonalds for sausage and egg biscuit and a large orange juice. When we got back to the car the woman parked next to us came over and said, "You're doing good. Can I have a hug?" Janet wasn't looking so I said sure. I mean at seventy how many times do you get that chance?

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