Thursday, July 31, 2008

IHOP and Drive By Shooting with the DisneyPix

Janet and I went to IHOP for lunch. Darn commercials.

As usual I had cameras, the Nikon and the DisneyPix. Shot photos with both. However, when we left I forgot to pick up the DisneyPix. We had driven around for quite a while before I realized that I did not have it in my shirt pocket so we drove back.

I really didn't think much about asking for my camera but the fellow at the resister gave me a really strange grin when he picked it up and I acknowledged it was mine. Maybe he had never heard of a second childhood.

Afterwards I did a couple of drive by shootings. There is a carnie over on I45 bit it doesn’t open until 7pm and I am not sure I would be comfortable there with the Nikon and it's too dark for the DisneyPix, so I guess not. Maybe tomorrow evening we can go to the shindig over on Heights, some sort of art fair. Parking will probably be a pain but I might check it out.

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