Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mercer Aboretum, Right Day

It has taken me a few days to recuperate from the two Mercer photoshoots. I did manage to get up in time to be back at Mercer Saturday morning. I was pleasantly surprised that ten photographers showed up for the nonsense of shooting without a viewfinder.

I had a great time. Most everyone one seemed to enjoy the outing and everyone posted samples of their photographs. It was a lot like the junkyard shoot discussed earlier, the photographs came out pretty individualized in spite of the fact that everyone was working with basically the same subject.

I loaned out my 12-24mm which I had originally intended to use so I shot what the 10-16mm fisheye. I'm glad that I did because it gave me a very different perspective. Now all I have to do it to return to the arboretum and shoot some photographs with the fisheye using the viewfinder.

I have been photographing at Mercer Arboretum since 2001. Most of the times I am very disappointed with my results. On these two trips I got considerably more photographs that I consider acceptable to good. Generally if I get one or two from a trip to Mercer I am pleased. Truthfully, I shot more photographs trying to cover the bases for not using the viewfinder but I came away from these two days with at least ten to fifteen photographs each day that I liked. I came away with the best photographs that I have ever taken at Mercer.

After the forty-five minute shoot, we had limited the time, we all went to McDonalds for coffee. While we were there I borrowed a 50mm f/2 manual lens. Trying the lens out I shot three photographs of one of the ladies that had gone to Mercer which turned out to be my favorite photograph of the day.

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