Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well Spotted Sweety, Great

There has been some on going discussion at the camera club I belong to about critiquing photographs.

Today I spent a good deal of time looking for a website dedicated to critiquing that seems to be working. The search leaves me very depressed about the future of photography, well photography and personal communications. Is it no longer possible to converse in paragraphs? One liners. How is anyone going to learn anything from one liners?

It seems that if you can point a camera and press the shutter release you have achieved all there is to know about photography.

For instance a very out of focus, flatly presented, terribly uninteresting photo of a mud puddle reflecting some tree trunks that is well below camera phone quality got these three comments:

Who knew a mud puddle could be so pretty! Nice job.
Well spotted sweety, great. Really good.
Well framed. Wonderful light capture.

I desperately need to find a group that discusses photography. I am very depressed.


  1. "But" what? You might have to use two lines?

    I can always count on you to take me down a notch or two. LOL