Saturday, May 31, 2008

St. Joseph Park

May has been a dud photographically. Since I was downtown yesterday, I took a few minutes to do some photographs of the small park built and maintained by St. Joseph Hospital. It is a very pleasant oasis in the heart of Houston.

When I was in St. Joseph in 2002, I watched out my window as they built the park. Now it is lush with vegetation.

The cool greens, sound of running water falling over rocks and the shade of grottos and arbor transport you away from the pace of life in downtown Houston.

More photos at St Joseph Park


  1. As always your compositions are fantastic. This collection is great, especially love the colors since I am so attracted to earth tones, and the rocks are great. I do however wish there was some way of knowing the scale of the water fall, can a man walk under it, or do we just step over it in our passing.

    Are you seeing my Email?

  2. Very nice shots, Gary! I really like the high and low angles on the waterfall ones. Also like the red leaf (COI) in the one of the rocks. I don't think you can claim that May was a bust now!

  3. Paul, as far as scale, the upper waterfall is well above my head height and the larger rocks at the bottom are probably in the 18" to 24" across catagory. When I go back in August I will try to redo with scale.

  4. Jan, thanks for the comment. Janet and usually take time to stroll through the park when we go to the doctor. Even through it was getting unbearably hot I put her in the grotto and managed to get the my first descent photos. There is a sculpture that I have been trying to photograph for our Outdoor Art in Houston project that so help me I can not do. Think the next time I will show up with a full array of studio lights and settle the matter once and for all! LOL