Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Thank You to Jim Fife

At the competition on the 20th I mentioned that I was having a problem with yellows in wildflowers. One of the members, Jim Fife offered me a tip that has made considerable difference.

I had tried the logical corrections. I increased yellow and I increased magenta to offset the green. Nothing worked and I just went with it as it is, a very sickly greenish yellow.

Jim’s tip was of course to increase yellow but then to use the one slider that I had not tried and increase red. It appears that in correcting the greenish yellow problem it is blue and cyan that needs to be reduced not blue and green. He then suggested lightening the image. It worked like a charm. This was not the first time I have had problems with yellow but it was probably the most difficult. Thanks to Jim it is a problem that I can put behind me.

Just wanted to pass a long a good tip that I greatly appreciate. Thank you Jim!

[Note: When I applied the correction to all of the image the purple in the upper right went red. Since I liked the purple, I only applied the correction to the flower. I also raised the black point from zero to probably about 10 or 15 to reduce the contrast which helped remove the less corrected green in the shadows.]

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  1. I came over from the Motivation blog to see the tip on correcting yellow. Then I see the name Jim Fife. I'm from Houston, now living in Mexico, and at one time was in the Houston Photographic Society. Tell me, how can I get in touch with Jim? Does he have an email address?
    BTW, nice blog.