Thursday, April 3, 2008

Crape Myrtle

While I was shooting my entry for the photo challenge this morning I noticed these roots running across the base of the Crape Myrtle. So before I packed up I took a couple of shots.

Okay, I just had a DUH moment. Although I was curious as to why “roots” would be growing up through a Crape Myrtle that way, I did not investigate. It just dawned on me that it is not roots but rather bark that has peeled away in a long strip. DUH!

I honestly do not believe that there is a tree that does well in the Houston area that is any more interesting than the Crape Myrtle. We had a couple of years of Magnolia photographs so it might be time for a year of Crape Myrtle photographs

I should have this one removed because it is much too close to the house. However, it is about two and a half feet across at the base and it is spectacular from the front of the house, on the east, it is always loaded with blooms.

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