Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spanish Missions of San Antonio Book

Well, I missed the planned NWHPC field trip to photograph the kayak/canoe race down Buffalo Bayou. So, I decided to complete the work on another Blurb book. This one is from the NWHPC field trip to photograph the Spanish Missions in San Antonio last October.

I had been to the missions before but I had never been inside. This time I spent a lot of time photographing the interiors and the artifacts in each of the missions. With the exception of the Alamo, which has been converted into a museum, the other four missions are still active parishes.

The last day there, a Monday morning, we arrived early at Concepcion. There was a recording of Gregorian chants playing in the background and for about an hour Janet and I had it all to ourselves. It was an exceptional experience. You do not have to be a Catholic to be awed under such circumstances.

I hope that I captured not only the reverence I felt on closely examining the interiors and the artifacts but also the respect for the historical and religious significance of these structures. I realize that in four days you really cannot do justice to such subjects but I did my best.
Click on link below to preview book.

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