Sunday, April 24, 2016

New Adventure

I remember when I used to work and one of my favorite saying was that the only thing that was consistently consistent is change. Stand still you stagnate. I do not know about other retires but I do not understand how anyone that is retired could stagnate. The only difference between this and real life is that now it changes faster.

I joined the Visual Arts Alliance yesterday. So now I am officially an 'artist'. They seem to have a lot of interesting workshops and events so I am looking forward to spreading my wings. But I have got to get a lot more artsy fartsy. Also went gallery hopping yesterday and talked to a few artists about gallery space. Nance Hardy, which is where I have always wanted to be would be great but I don't think that is going to happen until I get a smart phone so I am shifting gears and looking at JoMar and Summer Street Studios. I was surprised at the price of the galleries in Silver Street Studio, not nearly as much as I had thought. Don't know that I will move but interested in checking out the possibilities.

Lonely Words Fly Away Unsaid

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