Monday, March 14, 2016


I have been joking lately about finding my inner-Van Gogh. Maybe its not so far fetched. At least I learned a new word.

AUTOTELIC (self goal) refers to a self-contained activity, one that is NOT done with the expectation of future BENEFIT, but simply because the DOING ITSELF is the reward.
When the experience is AUOTELIC the person is paying attention to the activity for ITS OWN SAKE, When it is not, the attention is focused on its CONSEQUENCES.

ADDENDUM: I often write addendums to my blog posts. Some future event prompts a new thought so I add it. In this case it was a camera club competition night. I recently questioned how I would compromise between my personal photography and doing photographs for club competitions. In rereading this post about autotelic I am drawn to the difference between autotelic work where it is for my pleasure and non-autotelic, competition work, which is done mindful of the future consequences of the competition. I do considerably more autotelic work but I need to find a way to make competition work autotelic as well. I think I might be able to do that.

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